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3D Printing Survival Preps

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Do you 3D Print your Survival Preps or want to in the future?

If so, share some ideas - what do you like to print or wish to print?
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I mainly use mine to fabricate parts I either can't order or don't want to spend the money on that are needed to fix something plastic that broken.

I did print up some rope tensioners to put in my camping gear. Used glow-in-the-dark ABS and used them on guyline tie-outs for my tent. Found the design on Thingiverse somewhere.
Hobby 3D printing isn't up to par with manufactured stuff.... yet. You can make odds and ends, and the occasional really useful item, but we aren't quite to the point of replacing industrial production.
I'm keeping my eye on the advancements in metal 3D printing. If that can ever be economized, we could see another industrial revolution, but on a home user level.
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The problem with Metal printing is that it requires a furnace at thousand degree temperatures to form the metal. You have to send it to a third party company that will handle it for you only after you finished printing the final version. That's a really long process.

The manufactures call it infused * Metal *

There is a couple companies doing this. Ultimaker, Raised3D to name a few
The cutting edge of this tech doesn't require a furnace.
If you've not heard of it, allow me to introduce you to "Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)":
Yeah, frickin' lazer beams!!!

There are also some folks playing with various welding techniques, and using them as FDM printers deposing layer after layer of weld steel on top of each other.
As you can imagine, this one tends to heat up quite a bit. Needs a lot of work to become viable.
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I have been interested in both resin-based printing and FDM (filament-based) printing for some time. I even considered a DLP resin printer design before I got my first FDM printer, and even backed a failed SLA printer project. However, I have been warned that resin printing is messy, smelly, and requires a lot of post-processing. Additionally, the resulting parts can be brittle and it can be difficult to achieve accuracy due to shrinkage during curing.
Despite these concerns, I recently found myself needing to print small, detailed parts for a project and was unhappy with the print quality using FDM. So, I decided to give resin printing a try and considered the Anycubic Photon 0, which received decent reviews from here(link removed - Kauboy) and its price was approximately $200. However, upon closer examination, I realized that the Photon 0 is limited in resolution and the positive reviews were largely due to the accompanying wash and cure station released by Anycubic.
Jacob, what color is the J in your avatar?
Answer correctly, and I'll replace the link.
As of now, I suspect spam and you will have an eye on you.
green, (whats the issue in my post btw?)
Thank you.
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Most of the time, this is suspicious activity. I asked you a word problem to see if you were real.
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I hope you understand.
I wouldn't want to face the zombie apocalypse without a good 3D printer. Powering the hungry little buggers is an issue but where there's a will there's a way.

With all the gun control nonsense going on it's nice to have options. I've fired the one in the middle enough (5 or 6 magazines) to feel comfortable with it. I wouldn't use it as my primary weapon unless I really had to but it make a good spare.
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I look at the current offering of 3D printable guns as "gun getter" guns.
Like the "Liberator 45" concept, you just need something that's good enough to resupply off your enemy. There are lots of options that fit this criteria; some that are 99% printed plastic with just a nail and spring added.
And with constant improvements to design models, there are some options that are downright tough, incorporating u-bolts and through-bolts to hold parts securely and reinforce traditionally weaker points.

A clever man can do a lot with one of these printers. I know. I've done a lot, and I'm not that clever. 🤪
Sure glad you are not one of those really picky perfectionists with regard to color, as my response would have been greenish, as I really have zero clue the exact type of color it was. Reminds me of going to Ace Hardware and reading the names of the paint sample colors. Holy crap there is a humongous variety of colors and names associated with them.

Don't even know how many shades of green are there.
To put your mind at ease, it wasn't a color test at all. ;)
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