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3D Printing Survival Preps

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Do you 3D Print your Survival Preps or want to in the future?

If so, share some ideas - what do you like to print or wish to print?
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I have a 3 d printer, used it a ton, but I don’t know that I’d trust it for building materials like screws and latches. even the resin printers produce nice, but not overly durable items.
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I mainly use mine to fabricate parts I either can't order or don't want to spend the money on that are needed to fix something plastic that broken.

I did print up some rope tensioners to put in my camping gear. Used glow-in-the-dark ABS and used them on guyline tie-outs for my tent. Found the design on Thingiverse somewhere.
Hobby 3D printing isn't up to par with manufactured stuff.... yet. You can make odds and ends, and the occasional really useful item, but we aren't quite to the point of replacing industrial production.
I'm keeping my eye on the advancements in metal 3D printing. If that can ever be economized, we could see another industrial revolution, but on a home user level.
i bought my 3-D resin printer a couple years ago for $250. To get into The same printer tech just 5 years earlier cost a person around $5k. As tech advances, prices come down for the consumer drastically. I serious love my printer and have printed some amazing things. But mostly bobbles and decorations. I don’t know that I’d trust it for anything with serious utilitarian uses. And I’ve played around with settings and different more pliant materials. It just doesn’t have the tensile strength.
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1 - 2 of 28 Posts