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3D Printing Survival Preps

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Do you 3D Print your Survival Preps or want to in the future?

If so, share some ideas - what do you like to print or wish to print?
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Sure glad you are not one of those really picky perfectionists with regard to color, as my response would have been greenish, as I really have zero clue the exact type of color it was. Reminds me of going to Ace Hardware and reading the names of the paint sample colors. Holy crap there is a humongous variety of colors and names associated with them.

Don't even know how many shades of green are there.
To put your mind at ease, it wasn't a color test at all. ;)
It was intended to be used to identify if the individual was an actual person vs. a bot. That part was understood.

My inability to name colors on the other hand, is why I am glad the same question was not asked of me.

Back to the OP,

Despite even being one of the 1st technicians to work on the 1st laptop ever made, mind you it was the size of large briefcase, drilling holes and etching motherboards, etc., and working on robotics & manufacturing equipment connected to computer systems, when it comes to 3D printing, I have zero knowledge.

Do not own one, never used one, never seen one up close either. It is that movie Dark Man come to life, it the concept is quite innovative.

Curious what the most complex 3D printed things people have created on this website.
The orange one was just a test print and was never meant to be fired.
Sorry NMPRN, that was a humorous quote meant for Kauboy and not what u 3d printed sorry for the mix up
Mounted inside the cowling, So far it's worked great.
Sleeve Hood Gadget Personal protective equipment Wrist
Tyvm NMPRN for posting this for me, and what an awesome hobby you got there. Wouldn't mind a pic of the hobby planes you have worked on either if u ever get some free time.
Here's an older (2019'ish) picture of the latest one, still finishing it up. Built by 4 of us in our EAA Chapter
Aircraft Vehicle Aviation Aerospace manufacturer Monoplane
TY to the OP for your patience with this off topic tangent.

NMPRN, ty so much for posting those 2 plane pictures. You got several OMG's & that's sooo [email protected]#!#$ cool remarks from me here in my home office while drooling over that plane you all built.

Thx again for posting them. Reminds me of Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome's mini airplane, soo cool.
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