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Yardsales - an odd development

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Is it just in my AO or are you guys seeing a reduction in the number and quality of yard sales? It is starting to be 'neighborhood yard sale' season here around me and the number of yard sales is about half of what I've seen in the past few years, and then the amount and quality of stuff I'm seeing is MUCH lower with prices that are higher than I'd expect.

Maybe it's just around here or (applies tinfoil) are people A) not buying as much crap as they used to so they have less to sell, B) they already sold all their old stuff C) prices are going up because people either 'need' more money for it or they are actually starting to value stuff...

Dunno. Anyone else seeing anything like this?
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Im finding guys that have bought out (or so it seems) dollar stores and trying to make a buck on it. There are still lots of farm sales here.. and good things in most of em.
You would love it up here.. Those fanning mills and seed cleaning screen set ups go for 50 to 100 bucks... I picked up a belt drive grinder for bulk work for 10 bulk.. no one wanted it, They thought it was sized.. Someone had stuck a rag in it at some point. a quick clean up and she works great..
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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