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Good Afternoon everyone!

My name is John, former active duty Marine Corps, and a disabled combat veteran who lives in Parker, Co. I have recently been gently guided in the direction of archery and hunting for therapeutic recovery/rehabilitation as a stress reliever and focal point for my life, and am interested to start anew in what looks to be a very rewarding and challenging interest. I am mobility impaired but have good upper body, and want to capitalize on my strengths through archery and bow hunting. With that being said, (and I hope I am posting in the right area as a new member), I am interested in trading some military/government style radios for a newer hunting bow setup. From the research and advice thus far, I have learned that the bow would preferably be a 28.5-29 inch draw length(i was measured to around 28.8 based on being 5'10 and my wingspan), and at least 60-65 #. I was hoping to obtain a setup with some sort of a case, hard preferably, with quiver, some arrows, and maybe a release. Something to start me off without having to purchase much else if possible. I am short on cash but have something I believe valuable and useful enough to offer in trade. What I have to offer is 3 Motorola Radius SP21s. All 3 work fine, and I have a 4th one which has intermittent issues, and can be used as a spare, or alternate. 3 good charging stands. 1 wall cable. 3 new batteries, already prepped per manufacturer specs. 2 older batteries around 90% capacity after I tested them. I even have 5 owner manuals that detail programming so you don't need a program on computer to alter the frequencies, really nice all inclusive package. Belt clips could use replacing but these are small enough to fit a pocket. Capable of voice activated transmission and 2 watts power great little radios, and very light. These are not the FRS radios you can buy from Radio Shack or Big5, so they definitely travel farther, and are ideal for use in mountains compared to other bands. With frequency in mind you are responsible for ensuring compliance of local and FCC regulations. The radios range anywhere from 300-500, and I am willing take a loss on radios for a complete archery setup. Beggars can't be choosers but less than a 5 year old setup is a plus, and any suggestions would be much appreciated. Picture attached.

John Brode


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