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Literally like new, used for only 3 months, no damage or blemishes. I am looking to either sell or trade my Police Department Ballistic / Bulletproof Vest. I purchased this vest and received it in December of 2011. I used the vest from January 27th to April 24th, just shy of 3 months total use. Due to physical injuries(not while wearing vest), I resigned and no longer work with any departments. The vest is flawless in condition, no tears, and very little use in total. It has been kept in a ballistic armor plastic hard case and left untouched since April, kept away from moisture and other degrading conditions. This vest is normally NOT available to civilians, only sold to Police/EMT/Fire/Military. I am selling to whomever is interested with cash, and does not appear to have nefarious motives. The specs are as follows:

Diamondback Tactical N-Force MH34-06 vest is certified to ISO 9001/2008 and tested against NIJ Standard-0101.06, the N-Force is a robust, special threat tested armor package that balances performance and comfort for daily wear. This N-Force is a level IIIA (male) and is customized in a Dynamic carrier. The Dynamic carrier enhances the comfort of the N-Force with added adjustability for an optional 5" X 8" and currently comes with 7" X 9" dual plate pocket with an actual 7" x 9" KAP plate inserted.

Standard threat protection of vest itself is .357 Sig V50 @1854 FPS, and .357 Mag [email protected] 1660 FPS with an area density of .85 lb / ft squared, and is a whopping 3/8 inch of thickness for a "concealable vest" your are talking a vest that is concealable with the protection of a normally overt vest.

NIJ standards provide safety in the face of 9mm 124 gr, FMJ RN / .357 Mag 158gr, JSP / .357 SIG 125 gr, FMJ FN / .44 Mag 240 gr, SJHP / .357 SIG SPEER 125 gr, GDHP / .40 S&W SPEER 165 gr, GDHP / 9mm Aquila 65 gr, HP / 9mm GECO124 gr, FMJ / 9mm WIN Ranger 127 gr, SXT HP / 9mm S&B 115 gr, FMJ / 7.62X25 Tokarev FMJ L

This armor also meets DEA protocol for 9mm 124 gr, FMJ / .40 S&W, 165 gr, GDHP / 9mm 127 gr, +P+ WIN SXT Fragmentation tested in accordance to USASOC MIL-STD-662F:2 gr , 4 gr , 16 gr , 64 gr RC

The 7" x 9" KAP(kick plate) I am including offers more protection, turning the vest into a THREAT LEVELLevel III!(Better protection that IIIA) WEIGHT/THICKNESS is 4.3 lbs (1.95 kgs) REC; 1.0 inches (25.4 mm) / COMPOSITE is Proprietary ceramic-infused technology with mil-tuff finish / THREATS&SPECIAL THREATS protects against
7.62mm X 51mm (NATO) at 2800 fps
7.62mm X 39mm (AK47 MSC) at 2400 fps;
5.56mm X 45mm (SS109 Green Tip and M193Ball) at 3300 fps

Size information: The front panel of the vest is approximately 19x13, the back panel is approximately 18x15. It is cut to allow over-flapping from front to rear for added protection. While it is adjustable for 2-4 inches in length and width, as a median measurement I am 5'10", at 200 pounds, with a 44 inch chest area and at the base of the base approximately 37 inches. There is no traditional size in the sense that the vest has more of a fitment based on customized sizes that allows for give of 10-15 pounds either way (humorous in the thought that this is police based equipment). Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or are interested in the vest, and always open to other trade offers within reason.

Not sure if the warranty transfers but it is normally a 5 year warranty, extremely well made vest.

Vest was $847.23 and KAP plate was $133.77, totalling $981 dollars, the case I will include was $100.00. I also have an actual vest hangar for the closet which was $20.00. I also forgot to mention that it comes with two outer coverings. This means that one has under three months of use and the other is brand new, never used. This allows you to wash one after some use and swap to another to prevent odor. Simply another bonus, worth $100 not including a spare set of straps. Most vests have lasted around 5-7 years on average, this vest has a complete additional set of covering and straps, including redundant over under strapping for comfort and stability. That's a total value of over $1200!.

Note to interested parties: Again this vest is NOT available to regular civilians. This is normally only sold to Police/Fire/EMT/and Military personnel. This is NOT your run of the mill ballistic vest and even provides some protection against stabs in case you work corrections. You are responsible for verifying legality of use, and abiding by local laws. I offer no warranty and this setup is sold as is.

Serious offers only, I will not respond to low offers/begging/scams.

Willing to sell or trade for select hunting items of equivalent value. I would prefer a hunting rifle with scope under a 7mm Rem Mag, for use with primarily antelope and deer, around a .223 I'd prefer, although an all around 30-06 or .308 would not be passed over. Let me know what you are offering including details such as age, specs, and applicable pics if possible. Also possibly interested in other items, let me know what you have.

FYI, again I am NOT a police officer. Please message me with email for additional pictures and specify what you would like to see.


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