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I pay attention to words. As y'all already know, I am a but fussy about them. Can you imagine how insane I get when I hear someone say something like, "I was like, actually....(fill in the rest of the sentence any way you want it, just make sure to add another actually and three more likes)."

Yes, this thread was triggered by the words tolerance and bullying. You know how it goes, one thought leads to another.

Here is a list of overused words and phrases for 2013. Some of these are totally foreign to me; are they isolated to social media sites?

Best of 2013: The most overused words and phrases this year - Time Out Chicago
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YOLO is You Only Live Once which is stupid because you only die once but you live everyday.
Tray tray adorbs! Hotty Mc Hotterson!
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Emo?!?! Do I look like a bird with a long neck? :lol:
That would be an emu...
The English language is slowly spiraling into stupidity.
More like belly flopping...
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