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Living in a fairly humid climate is absolute hell on the tops of my woodworking machine tools. The worse of them is my tablesaw. Part of it is where I have the saw located in the shop. But also the fact that I use it so much makes it almost impossible to keep a good coat of carnauba wax on it to keep it from getting a small amount of surface rust on the table. In the past, I have relied on a chemical called TopSaver to clean the rust off and lubricate the tabletop between waxings. Today I went to the hardware store to pick up another bottle of TopSaver since I was out. My hardware store no longer carries TopSaver products, but had replaced them with a line of products called Boeshield for doing the same thing.

The Boeshield products are so far superior to TopShield that I will never go back. Their rust and stain remover requires very little scrubbing and cleans the top to the point where you cannot tell the saw is almost 10 years old! After using their cleaner, I wiped down the top with mineral spirits to remove and remaining cleaner, then sprayed on their waterproofer and lubricant. It took a while to dry, about 30 minutes, but once it was dry it felt like the top was covered in graphite! Also, I spilled a few drops of coffee on the top and it just beaded up like water a newly waxed car. Furthermore, it left absolutely no residue on the hard maple I was cutting.

After a bit of research, I found out Boeshield is made by Boeing. It was designed to clean and lubricate the machine tops for making airplane parts. This is really great stuff and I give it my strongest recommendation for any of you that have a woodshop.
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