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Wolf attack in MN.

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When I first heard about it it sounded horrific. After I read the details, it wasn't so bad. I almost feel sorry for the wolf. Movies and media make it sound like there are so many attacks. Come to find out there have only been 2 deaths by wolves in North America. I figured it would have been more..

I would be looking for a new girlfriend if I were him. Things like this show you how people react under stress. I guess "flight" is her natural response.. AMF!!!
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I've never lived in an area with known wolves, nor have I ever seen a wolf in the wild. But I'm a softie for most of the animals in the Canidae family. I understand that in areas where wolves can be prevalent, it must be a delicate balance between the humans and the wolves. But I did grow up with coyotes living around my house, we'd see them on a fairly regular basis in the area. We rarely had a problem with them though, even with us raising chickens, there were only a few chickens we lost to them in the 8 or 9 years I lived there. But yes, I would be looking for a different significant other if they fled and left me during an attack like that lol
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