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Wind and wave advisory for Lake Michigan

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20 to 25 foot waves predicted for Lake Michigan because of Sandy:shock:. Remember when the gales of November come early and the Hurricane Westwind aka "The Witch of November"

For some reason the vid wouldn't post???
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watch on youtube,then
click on Edmund Fitz in upper right corner from there for a good video, the lyrics aren't sung like Gordon did, but the waves are huge, and gives you an idea.
Thanks for the heads up...
A North wind brings the waves right down to you?

ETA - This is all lost with all the news about Sandy, on the Great Lakes we have a major storm brewing. When the two collide only God knows what will happen.
Don't end up like the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald
My MLive e mail claims 33 foot waves are possible for the Southern Part of Lake Michigan tonight and Tuesday. 20 footers on Lake Erie. I was in 20 footers on the way to Put In Bay one year in an old wood boat"Out On A Limb"
I am in the Thumb and we are having high winds and many power outages here.....
Hang in there Watercanlady.... I know you are prepared... but that doesn't mean we aren't holding our breath and praying you stay safe....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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