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I want to bug in, however, I worry that if things get really bad, that we will have to bug out. I live in a two family home, one way up the front and one way up the back.. not difficult to protect, but if we really tick off someone who wants up, whos to say they wont burn us out. Ill be adding emergency ladders to 3 locations in our home that will get us out if that is the case.

In the mean time, I am looking into getting a trailer that I can hitch to the back of my truck.. if my neighbor will allow me (as we live in a more rural area), I will keep the trailer in his drive or in his garage if its not too run down. (the garage would be perfect.. most wont bother with it) In the event things get out of hand, the trailer will already be stocked and locked up good.. we just need to hitch and go.. I personally plan on driving to the mountains if at all humanly possible.

bigdogbuc said:
Kids eat up all of the cash so I'm no where near where I would like to be for preps.
I hear you.. thats why I have been using coupons to help me get smaller things.. I have an older daughter 2 hours south of me, and a step son who lives outside the house.. in the mean time, I have a 12 year old and a 7 month old.. oh and my me, I hear you. I would love to chat with you about bobs and such.. :) If you want.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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