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Why You Don't Wait - To Leave Town

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My wife and I still spend a lot of nights in CA. We have work there despite our new legal residency in NV. I've often said - "it doesn't hurt to go" meaning bug out to our NV property when things are "just weird." I felt like that when Zimmerman's verdict came out - watched it from the safety of my NV bug out. I have felt that way a few times. The video above is why you don't wait. Its hard to watch, its a cell phone video so not all that good, but you will get the idea.

By the way this is how the "good people" of oakland treat someone in a car accident.
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My prediction is about one week after the food stamps and government checks stop showing up this will be the norm. There is very little humanity left in the world I am sad to say.
Scary thing is, this is the norm now... Just wait till something really happens. Katrina was just a taste of what is to come if there were a major catastrophe like a power outage or something even medium term..
Yes, Katrina was the precursor of things that may come.
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