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Why Obama doesn't send troops into Syria

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Being an ex-Illinoisan, I still watch the news from Chicago (I lived in far west suburb), you know Obama's home town. If Obama had decided to send troops into Syria, he would have to send troops into Chicago to stop the bloodshed. And maybe he should. It's obvious the city with so many ordinances against allowing it's citizens is incapable of protecting it's citizens no matter what rhetoric is put out by the Democrat Mayor and his minion.
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It is a shame, what is happening to Chicago. Chicago is one of those cities that used to be an example of the country's strength, and it is a city I used to love to see, back when I drove trucks. The food was great and so were the people; even though they used to get a kick out of my south Alabama accent.
Screw Syria. We need a strong, prosperous Chicago, again, but that isn't something the government can impose. It can only get out of the way.
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