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Re: Why isn't Doomsday Preppers talking about Mayan Predicti

The Mayans used the the sky for their calendar. They used constellations to plant their crops when the rainy seasons were among them,etc. When this was off they believed the gods were mad at them. So they would make sacrifices. If we wasn't so polluted with light pollution we could see what they seen. From what I get from it is we are coming into another orbit of the galaxy that this earth has not seen in over 30000 years.If you pay attention we are finding a lot of galaxies we have never seen we are finding more planets. Its is because we are coming into another part of our travels through the galaxy. No one know what is around the next star pattern because no one has seen this part of space before. I hope we are around for another 30000 years.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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