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Re: Why isn't Doomsday Preppers talking about Mayan Predicti

The thing most people fail to realize about the Mayan calendar is that it doesn't point to the distruction of man.

In my opinion it is a point of starting over. As with most predictions, they are very vauge. Some point towards true events but not the events themselvs.

I believe the calendar is starting over as we would start a new generation and the radicals have taken this very vauge stopping point and ran with it.

One thing to understand when learning the mayan calendar is that there are many differnt cycles. One of which is 52 years "short term" then a "long term"

to document 52,000 years. I am not going to attempt to understand the ssenquence but one thing that I can understand is that the calendar is itself a circle,

with no clear stoping point, at least to mankind.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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