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Why Don't They...

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I'm not going to lie. I love single shot rifles and shotguns. I am especially fond of the H&R Rifles. I even own an original Model 1900 H&R Single shot 12 gauge made in 1908; 2 1/2" chamber that I have to shoot black powder through with hand loaded shells, either trimmed plastic (already fired) or brass. This is complimented by a Spencer single shot 12 gauge from 1896 (not of "Spencer" fame, so don't get excited) that also requires the holy black and trimmed or brass hulls. I have an antique roll crimper, a good supply of 209 and pistol primers (for the brass) and all the hand tools to "roll my own" when it comes to shotgun shells. Sounds like I'm prepping...

Anyway, H&R offers several calibers, even the mighty 500 S&W, which if you've seen one torched off on Youtube, they are pretty bad ass. Though granted, they are one shot.

Why don't they offer it in the .460 S&W Magnum?

This .460 is an incredibly versatile gun, and ungodly powerful. I watched a deer taken with one on YT and it took out both shoulders at 40 yards with a through and through shot. The thing ran about 15 yards, literally on its face. Destroyed it.

If you own a .460, you can shoot the 45 Colt, the .454 Casull and obviously, the .460 Magnum. The 45 Colt is the parent round of the latter two and the cases are simply lengthened. Of all time, the 45 Colt is my favorite round. Not sure why, it just is. Maybe it's because if properly loaded, can develop more energy with less pressure than the .44 Magnum. And maybe it's a little bit of old west romance. Either way, that .454 Diameter bullet leaves a big hole.

I just don't understand why H&R hasn't made a rifle for this 460. I can only imagine the versatility of having three, increasingly powerful rounds to choose from, all bigger in diameter than the 45 ACP, with some crazy knock down power.

I know that I would be first in line to get one as well as be willing to drop the $1200 on a new .460 if it had an accompanying rifle to go with it!
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EEAAASSSILY my favorite gun of all time...

H&R 12ga. 3 1/2" chamber, full choke 18" barrel, fiber optic front bead, trigger breaks crisp at 2.5 lbs, took the lead bar out of the stock so the whole thing only weighs about 2.5 lbs.

Leaves a bruise on your shoulder every time you shoot it, but hunting just doesn't get any more fun than this!

To quote my dad "Kills in front, cripples behind" :D

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