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Why concealed carry?

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I'm glad she was able to defend herself and her boys--that's wonderful--but assuming she must have left the key in the ignition, babies in the back and all...what the heck was she thinking!? Am I missing some part of the story?
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Annie , this is the problem. She should not have to worry about weather the keys were or were not in the car. I should not have to lock my world down every second of the day and night. This is once again putting blame on a victim.
I'm not really putting the blame on the victim. It's not an either or, as in she's all right or she's all wrong, it's more of a both and, as in she did a dumb thing and the bad guy got what was comming to him.If I'm understanding the story correctly, she just lacked common sense there.

If you don't put strong enough locks on your doors it your fault you are robbed. If you did not buy that fancy house you won't not tempt them to rob you . It is your fault you had that nice I phone out when they stole it from you.
There's nothing fancy about watching your kids and taking the key along with you. Situational awareness is very important. She (apparently) put her own kids at risk. She shouldn't have left the kids unattended in the car with the key in the ignition.

But happily, the bad guy what he deserved.
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1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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