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"WHY" are PREPPERS so obsessed with Firearms.....??

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Why do you think this is....??? All forums that are primarily prepping focused, have a strange obsession with firearms.
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So, is a firearm for safety and security of family and loved ones...???

Is safety and security high on the list of prepping priorities.??
In my case I would ask, Why are Gun nuts obsessed with prepping ?
Here's the simplest way to put it:
During shtf, or even slightly before, when things get bad and people get desperate enough they can and will resort to violence to take what they need to survive.
Some, if not most people could say that it's human instinct.
Those desperate people are likely to have guns or other weapons.
They see that you have something that they need.
They will kill you to take it.

Oh what about the riots? People getting dragged out of their vehicles and beaten/ or killed by these "peaceful protesters" in recent years??

Look, the main point is this, people are crazy, people (majority) have no self control or can loose it at any point.

It's an eat or be eaten world already....right now...

Just imagine when thousands are starving and are literally desperate....
It will become kill or be killed....

Now, we can do a complete flip on the tone of my message.

Guns are also valuable sources of food.
What's quicker? Easier? More humane?

Trap the rabbit and wring his neck like a chicken?
Or put a bullet in his head and get it over with?

I think I'm going to stop here. I haven't slept in about 33 hours due to work... I'm tired. Maybe I'll be able to come back and make a more coherent response when I wake up.
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