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"WHY" are PREPPERS so obsessed with Firearms.....??

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Why do you think this is....??? All forums that are primarily prepping focused, have a strange obsession with firearms.
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Some people like guns. Some like gold clubs. Some like stamps. Some like to change their pronons every 2 hours. Some like quotation marks.
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Because it is their Constitutional right to bear arms. Because it makes them feel immortal, like a bad @$$. They are under the illusion that simply having a lot of guns makes them Rambo, and that with guns they can perform military like scenarios.

Fact is like a majority of people with guns if they had bullets flying over their head would crap themselves.

Protecting one's self requires training. An untrained guy with a gun vs. a trained bowman, cross bow, knive/axe thrower, sling shot or what have you, I prefer to hang with the guy that is trained, and practices daily.

The only part of this which rings true is the first sentence. The rest is merely an opinion based on assumption.
....Survivalists plan to be prepared for whatever comes.
Preppers tend to plan for some specific occurance(s)
I'd say you've got those two mixed up. IMHO.
There is a clear distinction between fantasize and having lived it for decades. In one it is a wet dream, in the other it is decades of experience.
So if one hasn't 'lived it for decades', they default to being obsessed and fantasizing?
Not sure what your point is. I think you are trying to rationalize a "hoped for" outcome.

You either have days, weeks, months, years, decades having firsthand experience having lived in a future environment or you will be at a substantial disadvantage of survival.

Think in terms of employment and a job opening. You're either hoping they will hire you with having no experience and they will train you, or you have 23 years' experience doing that work.

Or think of it this way, one person was born and raised in the South-side of Chicago in a day-to-day survival environment. Or they were born and raised on 5'th avenue NY. If thing go ugly, one will have a lifetime of living what the other will be thrust into.
My point is: You come across with having the attitude that if one hasn't had "decades of experience' with something, they're obsessed with it because it's new and shiny. And you lump everyone but you into the latter category. Just because we're preparing we're ONLY obsessed with firearms. You can't seem to accept any other option.

This is simply not true. I own a lot of 'em. I didn't grow up with them. My dad had a Winchester shotgun and the only time I ever saw it was when he sold it at an auction. But just because I didn't have 'decades of experience' doesn't make me obsessed with them now. Stop pigeon-holing everyone who doesn't fit your lifestyle.
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You "Quoted" my post # 52

Please reread post # 52 and point to where anything in that post made the slightest mention of firearms. Just one sentence. My post made zero reference to firearms. It spoke clearly reference the skillset for surviving a different social environment.

I have zero opposition to the ownership of firearms. I strongly feel there are more prudent tools for any transition period. And survival post transition period.
Sigh. Now you're playing the victim, trying to claim post 52 said nothing about firearms.

I guess it's beyond you to figure out the entire thread is about firearms.
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