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Who Owns the Creek on Your Land?

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So, you think you can prepare your little getaway for the coming doom and gloom days, right? After all, it is your land, so who is to say you can't damn the creek to make a pond, or divert water for irrigation? Why, the EPA, of course.
IF they own that land, what about the adjacent property that allows them to inspect their water?

EPA To Control Private Streams And Creeks - :
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I should point out take a really good look at what the govt controls in your everyday life lets see how many I can name in Just ten Items
1. your health care
2. internet/telephone/radio/gps/tv (FCC)
3. Air (EPA)
4. Water (EPA)
5. everything you eat from a store (USDA)
6. Air Transportation (FFA)
7. Currency / banking (The Federal Reserve)
8. The energy you use (DOE)
9. The Guns you may own (ATF)
10. I will leave this one for everyone else to fill in. So think about
11. The drugs you take (FDA)
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Not to mention what ever govt agency is in control of wildlife and endangered wildlife
And Yall thats the just the federal agencies
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