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Who Owns the Creek on Your Land?

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So, you think you can prepare your little getaway for the coming doom and gloom days, right? After all, it is your land, so who is to say you can't damn the creek to make a pond, or divert water for irrigation? Why, the EPA, of course.
IF they own that land, what about the adjacent property that allows them to inspect their water?

EPA To Control Private Streams And Creeks - :
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We have several springs on our property and own the water rights to them. There are streams, rivers and lakes on the property that have shared water rights. If the water doesn't start and end on your property you can only own shared rights but if it does start and stop on your property then you can own all rights to the water. It still has to be listed in the property agreement though or it is a free water source.
Hey, if the EPA has control over the lakes and ponds on my property I wonder how they will get to them.... It's all private property and they need a warrant to get on the property. Are they going to search for trout? I know they want to search the lake for the guns that you lost on your last fishing trip......
All I can say is the noxious weed inspector didn't come on my land. He did report to the police but I did nothing wrong so there were no charges filed.

The satellite images I have seen. Yes, they are very detailed but they don't show what is in the water or at the bottom. We already know the lake is there - it's on all the maps.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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