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I prepare for Mother Nature having PMS. I live in Texas.
We prepare for loss of power from ice storms. Tornados, storms, and serious heat.
We have (or will soon) 90 days of food. A generator and portable AC unit. 110 gallons of drinking water. (2 X 55 gal drums)
Weapons (it's Texas) and ammo. Firewood and stored Charcoal for cooking or heat. Lanterns for light.
We need a tornado shelter installed. And to reduce some debt. As able I'll increase food stores and consider installing a garden
but it gets so damn hot here it's hard to grow much. I live in a urban neighborhood with a 1/3 acre lot. No live stock animals allowed.
Limited gardening.

My most hoped for disaster, storms or loss of power. I'm best prepared for this. Most concerned about disaster, economic.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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