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I regret to have to say that milk jugs are the least best answer for water storage. It beats the hell out of nothing, but the plastic is prone to becoming brittle and it will leach chemicals from it's manufacutring process into your water if exposed to temps above room temperature for extended periods of time.

Two liter soda bottles are a better alternative. If you don't hapen to drink soda, which is a smart move, try asking close friends and family members to save their 2 liter bottles for you.

It soundls like space may be a problem so another alternaive is storing your water underneath your bed and any beds in guest rooms you may have. This also lends itself wel to buying the smaller water bottles if you can catch a case of 24 on sale for a couple of bucks. The best idea is to use plastic jugs or barrells specifically designed to store water or food grade products. They range is size from 5, 7, 15, and up to 50 gallons.

There are tons of water storage strategies out there.
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