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Welcome from Minnesota.

The best advice I can give on where to start is to focus on your critical needs first - water, food and shelter (in that order). Do not get me wrong, guns are important and significant part of our preps. But they are also really expensive to own. In my opinion, it is a bad idea to own a bunch of guns without committing to going to the range on a regular basis to keep in practice with them. Have you seen ammunition prices lately?

If it were me, I would stay set with the pistol for now, although get some training go to the range regularly. But I would forego the black rifles for now and focus on water, food, shelter and a decent set of hand tools. By the time you get those to passable levels, hopefully guns and ammunition prices will have come back to earth.

But that is just one man's opinion...
I agree with this. With gun ownership comes responsibility. Get as much training and practice as you can.

As to the rest, I would start with food and water. The easiest thing to do is buy extra of what you already use. Cycle through this and add more a little at a time. You will be surprised how quickly you will build up your supplies.

Decide what you are prepping for. Is it an EMP, financial collapse, etc? Each type has it's own preps. Are you staying put or will you go somewhere else (bugging in or bugging out)?

Read through the previous posts here. There is a lot of good info here. Ask all the questions you want. There is a lot of knowledge here and people who are willing to help.
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