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If your roof is at a steep enough angle you can place an inverted V antenna on it with some stand-offs and it is practically invisible. Antennas are very susceptible to EMP and that can damage your system. The best way around that is to have a mast based antenna that is kept retracted until you need to use it. The casing that the antenna is lowered into will have to be protected but that can be taken care of with aluminum electrical conduit of different sizes and PVC pipe of different sizes.

Hand held devices have limited range because they rely on repeaters that might not be working after any SHTF event. CB radios have a range of between 1 and 5 miles depending on the terrain and the antenna you are using. I am thinking that 80 meter band will be the most efficient for communications in a SHTF event simply because it is (or was for years) used in search and rescue. The drawback to 80 meter band is the antenna but there are ways around that too.

Bear in mind that I won't be transmitting - only receiving and that makes a big difference in antenna placement and type.
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