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I would say head for the coast and stick to the shoreline. Moving northwards you are also more likely to not run into any undesireables in the sense that you wont have drug barons and their cartels etc finding you or your stuff.

The coast is a preppers lifeline, you can fish, get shellfish, get various edible plant species for very little work. I'd advise if possible, go as far north as you can, perhaps hitting along South/North Carolina. Or head straight north and go to Chicago area (by the great lakes). A fully fueled car should be able to do that in 16-18 hours pending on traffic and how you drive. Give or take it is 1000 miles (yes thats a lot, however most cars nowadays can do between 900-1100 with a full tank). At worst you should have some jerry cans with fuel also.

Why do I suggest going there? Well you are far enough away from the people coming by boat or hoping the fences. You are on the coast line with an abundant source of shellfish and edible fish species, along with plant life and wildlife which can be hunted for food and clothing.

Drawbacks to either location -

Chicago area - cold winters which will test any prepper
North/South Carolina - bugs and such like which could make your life hell (fire ants, moqsuitos etc).
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