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When did you realize you were a prepper?

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A couple years ago my wife and I were blessed with a health baby girl. The only problem was due to the hospital not monitoring her properly, they overlooked an obvious diagnosis of Peripartum cardiomyopathy . (I suggest anyone having their first child look it up and know the signs.) They released her from the hospital even though she still had 80lbs of "water" swollen in her body and her heart couldn't handle it. This hospital which was one of the one of the nicest in the state just dropped the ball. The day after leaving the hospital, she had a heart attack and if it wasn't for my CPR and living a half mile from that same hospital, I'd be raising our daughter alone.

This seems like the worst but being prepared with CPR didn't make me think about being a prepper. 3 days later as she was recovering very well and pretty fast, they were pumping out the water very fast. During one of her daily blood transfusions the young Nurse broke and dropped the bag of blood and was completely frazzled. The bag didn't burst but she said it was going to take a few hours to get another bag of blood. I pulled out my wallet and took out my credit card wrapped in Duct tape and taped the bag up so the nurse could hang it.

My wife said, "that's my husband he always carries that stuff on him." The nurse was flabbergasted and I guess I was a bit of a celebrity on the floor till my wife left on Christmas eve.

From that point on, I realized that I needed to always be prepared for anything that I could be. If I can imagine it, I'll practice and try to prepare for it.

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In October of 1989 I was working in Oakland when the quake hit. Was very busy for several weeks. Once I got home and settled out I realized that I had a tent trailer in the yard that I had emptied when we got home from vacation. I would have provided shelter to my family if things had been worse. After that it stayed stocked with food water and blankets and well as fuel and I went forward from there.
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January 17, 1994, at 04:31 Pacific Standard Time. That is when I started to evolve into a "prepper".
Ok I use a quote like that was that the Northridge quake?
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