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What's in your EDC?

  • Knife/ If so what model?

    Votes: 27 93.1%
  • Compass

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Flashlight/ If so what company & model?

    Votes: 24 82.8%
  • Bic Lighter

    Votes: 17 58.6%
  • Zippo Lighter

    Votes: 8 27.6%
  • Wallet & Cash

    Votes: 19 65.5%
  • Pen/Pencil

    Votes: 18 62.1%
  • Iphone

    Votes: 6 20.7%
  • Android

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • Firearms/ If so what kind?

    Votes: 24 82.8%
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-2 crecent wrenches
-2 vise grips
-both a big set and small (#2 phillips) screwdrivers
-wrenches standard(3/8 up to 15/16 + dubbed of 7/16,1/2,9/16 and 3/4) and mm (8mm to19mm dubbed of 10, 12,,14,15,17,18) ,
-standard and mm allen wrenches
-sockets kits a 3/8 drive and a small 1/4 drive standard and mm (3/8 drive socket kit same as the wrenches)
-Jumper Cables
-come along
-tow rope
-Flashlight and Extra batteries
-Small gas can full of gas (at less have it)
-Matches, lighter, steel
-CB, with weather band
-Flares qt5
-Spare tire
-nail/flat tool(plugs)
-Solar charger for small items
-Extra head/tail lights
-Extra fan belts
-Antifreeze or more water (depends on where you are)
-Duct Tape
-bailing wire
-Wool blanket
-2 liter + 1 gal of water
-extra change
-a good coat
-$50 in 1, 5 and 10
-your git home bag!!!!!!
-sig 220 45.
84 miles to work in seattle and home

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Knife, fixed blade 6"
Compass, one that works.
Flashlight, numerous including headlamps.
Bic lighter
Zippo lighter (I do smoke :( )
Pen, pencil note pads
Android phone with me everyday.
45acp handgun with 100 plus rounds hollow point.

Also in EDC
Waterproof matches
Walkie talkie, one on me, one at home.
Rain coat
Toilet paper
Food and snacks
Multi tool
Small gun cleaning set
Numerous other items ready to go.


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I'm currently in the process of setting these up, so these have been a big help on ideas. :)

Currently, only simple:

Toilet paper
Unopened cutlery
A few tin cans
Sleeping bags
An unknown-named wind-up torch
Adhesive. The silver kind: Jewellery Font Automotive exterior Event Circle

Kids' toys and spare clothes (in a space bag to save, well, space)
Medicine (inhalers, painkillers)
Golf club

That's all so far. When I finally get a car, I've got to make the transition so I don't look like I'm some kind of criminal. Especially with adhesive tape, kids' toys and a golf club. Maybe I should keep those in the house so I'm not arrested if my car is ever searched. :-D

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Folding knife 3 inch.
Husky multi tool.
Motorola DROID RAZR.
Motorola ACTV.
Truck, house, work keys.
Wallet with at least 5 bucks in 1 dollar bills.
Nite ize pock-its belt organizer.
Keychain with bottle opener.
Random small flashlights. One day it will be a head strapped light. The other a small cree flashlight.
This is on me. In my truck, i use that as a bug out bag. I carry things in it i cant carry on me.

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Right hip (roughly 4:30) is either a Kahr CW9 or a XDM 3.8 9mm, left hip is a spare magazine for either one and a utility pouch holding a multi tool, flashlight and possible a back up folding knife. Depending on if I'm wearing cargo pants or not i have a first aid kit in my left leg or a smaller more compact first aid kit in my back left pocket. Wallet in my right back pocket, car key ring which includes a small multi tool, a small folding knife, pepper spray, duct tape and small but powerful flashlight/hand cuff key. Android in my front left pocket and a Kershaw Ken Onion or any number of other auto assisted opening folders that i have, in my front right.

All my jackets that i wear have exactly the same items in the pockets as well: hat, gloves just in case i miss judge the weather or if im out later then i thought i would be, bic lighter and matches in a waterproof case.

Im not even going to get into my EDC for my car, that woudl take just to long.

Probably forgot something but thats my normal day out or work EDC, sadly i have to keep the firearm in the car while actually in work, but everything else is on me.

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Newbie here... Hi!

Took this picture Saturday after emptying my pockets - this pretty much represents what I have on me:
(click for bigger picture)
Guitar accessory Wood Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument String instrument accessory

Kershaw Blur and CRKT neck knife (with skull beads to hang out of the pocket to make it easier to pull out)- for cutting stuff
Olight T10 flashlight (with skull bead to make it easier to pull out of the pocket) - for lighting stuff up ;)
Flipside Wallet

Not pictured are: iPhone, watch, paracord bracelet and XDm 4.5" .45.

EDIT: Also usually have an Uzi brand "tactical" pen and a "tactical stylus". The stylus is something I use regularly when pointing out things to my patients on skeleton models.

EDIT 2: I also always have my housekeys on a "real" carabiner from my rock climbing days, and I have a handcuff key on the keychain that has been there since 1994 (although this has gotten me into trouble when trying to walk into a courthouse before... oops!), and I am always wearing a heavy duty bullhide belt or a 5.11 Operator belt (that can be used as a harness in an emergency situation).

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knife- spyderco endura gen1, (i've had it a loooong time!) flashlight- eagletac p100c2,streamlight microstream, at least 1 disposable lighter firearm- ruger p95 +spare mag. I usually have other items as well this is the absolute minimum to go out the door.

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EDC Pack is an original Maxpedition Fatboy (bought it when that was pretty much all they made)
In the pack:
Knife - Cold Steel Recon-1 (2nd gen G10 handle)
Compass - Treknor T570 magnifying pocket compass (compass and magnifying glass)
Bic Lighter - one of the smaller ones
Wallet - T.H.E. Wallet (made by Spec-Ops) w/ cards & cash (and a ton of other stuff)
Pen/Pencil - half-length #2 pencil, couple of pens, big sharpie, etc.
Flashlight - Focus-able 5W CREE LED

Other items in the pack: 64GB thumb drive, USB (A to Micro) cable, 64GB BlackBerry Playbook 7" tablet, Gerber two-stage knife sharpener, F.Dick collapsible sharpening steel, 50mw green laser pointer, small waterproof note pad, leatherman-style multi-tool with bit driver and bits, two spare 7-round magazines for my EDC pistol, Various medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, Benadryl, Imodium), hand sanitizer, spare batteries (AA, AAA CR123 and one for my phone), VHF/UHF handheld transceiver (programmed with Amateur Radio, FRS/GMRS, MURS, weather and public service frequencies), compact first-aid kit.

On person: small card case with a couple of CC's a duplicate CCW permit and some cash, a Kershaw Whisky Gap folding knife, BlackBerry 9810 phone, Sig Sauer P238EQ w/ 7rd mag in a Remora holster, spare 6rd mag, Keychain is a full sized '****** (a real one) with a few assorted goodies attached.

That's 'bout it for EDC... The in-vehicle packs take it up a couple of levels.
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