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Didnt know where to post this...Move it mods if it's not in the right spot.....but here goes!

A GAS MASK is not a GAS MASK.....It's a particulate mask if it doesent have an external air or oxygen supply!

A GAS MASK if it's Russian... Israeli or American / British will NEVER FILTER GAS!

A Gas mask will only filter particles such as dust! (Radioactive Dust / Bacteria and viruses)

A Gas Mask will only filter Droplets / Mist / Fog or Vapor! (Chemical agents are dispersed this way)

A True gas such as Carbon Monoxide....Carbon Dioxide....Ammonia.....Argon / Chlorine will kill you if it displaces the oxygen in your shelter. These GASSES and any other industrial gasses will kill you unless you have an compressed air mask such as scuba gear or gear that the fire department uses. A GAS mask will not filter true gasses

A GAS mask will filter biological / Chemical agents for 24 to 48 hours before filter changes are required. The problem is in a particulate atmosphere the filter will start to clog within 24 to 48 hours and require filter changes.

A GAS Mask will require a filter change after 48 hours of use in a clean air environment because of the amount of dust / Pollen and moisture that's always present in the air!

A GAS mask will filter chemical agents because they are a liquid converted to a Mist / Fog or Vapor.

A GAS mask will filter nuclear fallout in dust and dirt form but will not filter or stop radioactivity or radiation in the general area from going through it.

Again...If its a TRUE GAS to start with in it's basic form a GAS mask will not filter it!

To change filters in a gas mask you have to remove the mask from your face....meaning you need another mask with clean filters because your mask filters are contaminated!

After you remove and dispose of the old valves and filters wash the mask several times in hot soapy water while you are still in mopp gear and wearing a new mask.

There is a way to change masks in a contaminated atmosphere and clear any agents that may have entered while changing...You need to find the procedure for your type of mask!

You need to learn to rebuild and do maintenance on every NEW mask you get to be SURE its right! .....Otherwise Its like SKYDIVING..Would you get the town idiot to pack your parachute...Or would you do it yourself???

In the military we used "BANANA OIL" in the NBC room in our barracks to test masks for proper operation / Sealing. Banana Oil is a super sweat smelling stuff and you cant mistake it if it comes though the mask as it evaporates into a vapor. Of course if you didnt smell it your mask was working.

To test your mask at home get some of the Airwick Air Fresheners or any of the other air fresheners that use a liquid (Oil infused with Scent) have someone Pour a little on a paper towel and tie a corner to the front of a small fan and place in a small room....turn on the fan a few minutes.....get suited up away from the test area...outside is best and put on your mask ...Make sure you cant smell it beforehand....Then walk into the room...If you smell the air freshener you have work to do...If you dont spend a few minutes in the room...Look left and right a few times...Look up and down several times...Smile for a minute while wearing your mask. Hold your hand over the filter inlet and breath should feel the mask push tighter against your face.

Now remove your mask in the room....If the air freshener hits you like a ton of bricks.....Your READY!

If you smell the air freshener through the mask at any point you need to check how you seal the mask to your face. You have to recheck valves and fliters and if your confident it's sealed try it again.

There's a lot more to being ready for a chemical or Biological agent than just buying a mask in good shape...If you dont follow through with the periodic checks and maintenance your throwing your and maybe your loved ones life away!

NBC is easy if you read up and be ready beforehand!
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