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What will the last few hours or days be like before TSHTF?

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What will the last few hours or days be like just before our world changes forever?
Will the stock market tailspin in a few hours or will it take days?
And what about commutation? Like cell phones? Will they work right up to the last few hours or even keep working? And the grid?
What will be the sines that we only have hours or days left?
Or will we all get blindsided?
What else can we all watch for? And how will people respond?
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What S hits the F, is the deciding factor.
Economics is always the driving force, not the killing of an archduke or the bombing of a naval installation. Still, how it all plays out is yet to be seen. If we are fortunate, we will see the economic earthquake even before our markets open and before the debit/credit cards are turned off. Then again, the proxy and currency wars could go extremely hot in a millisecond and we learn about the flung S as the atom is split.

Pray for guidance. Dad will be able to steer us better than cable news.
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