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What will the last few hours or days be like before TSHTF?

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What will the last few hours or days be like just before our world changes forever?
Will the stock market tailspin in a few hours or will it take days?
And what about commutation? Like cell phones? Will they work right up to the last few hours or even keep working? And the grid?
What will be the sines that we only have hours or days left?
Or will we all get blindsided?
What else can we all watch for? And how will people respond?
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IMO it will happen so slowly that most people will not see it coming. And then it will happen so suddenly that for most people it will be too late. Prices will rise on consumer goods, interest rates will rise on debt, the dollar will continue to devalue (sound familiar?). When the sudden part comes, phones and electrical service will stop, full-stop, period, and suddenly. There will be some event which will be the trigger. It will be a major event most likely natural, but with things the way they are headed in the orient, that is also a strong possibility. Most people will not respond well.
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