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What will the last few hours or days be like before TSHTF?

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What will the last few hours or days be like just before our world changes forever?
Will the stock market tailspin in a few hours or will it take days?
And what about commutation? Like cell phones? Will they work right up to the last few hours or even keep working? And the grid?
What will be the sines that we only have hours or days left?
Or will we all get blindsided?
What else can we all watch for? And how will people respond?
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I am of the mind -- like most of us -- that we are already in the spiral to the end. Several things in place to precipitate further calamity:

We only think about a problem when the media tells us there is a problem, but ironically, the media is a big part of the problem and in their effort to continue propping up the tyrannical regime all we can rightly expect is propaganda.

Life goes on, and by that I mean that we grow accustomed to a decent into the morass in such a way that if we could transplant someone into out era from the 1970s, they would likely go insane in short order. What is now considered normal is anything but...

We have now largely forgotten how to live without technology. For instance, even most prepper rely heavily on electronics and the web, and worse, on being able to BUY preps instead of grow, harvest, or produce preps.

Many prepper think that they can isolate or shoot their way into survival. War is probably not the answer and it hasn't worked out that well where it has become a way of life.

Most prepper are not thinking about what will really have to take place in order to survive beyond the first month or so of some scenario. Even the novels are all in for just bugging out and/or getting home where the hero then does fine. Of course, the only real test for this is to actually live ones preps every day. Then, life just goes on.
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