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I have no idea about "tools" in regards to hands on work. I slap my father for that ::saber::, unlike what I'm trying to teach my son. I can barely operate a hammer without having black and blue thumbs.

Anyways, forgive me if this seems novice to you folks that know how to do this, but I was wondering what tool is used to make something like in the photos. I rented out a cabin in TN a few weeks ago and they had a nifty "ash tray" that was made out of a cut log and the top was hollowed out for the butts. Not only could it be used for an ashtray, but other things as well came to mind. Regardless, what "tool" would you use to do such a task?

Wood Charcoal Automotive tire Gas Grass
Wood Automotive tire Gas Tobacco Cigarette
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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