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I use a stainless Sierra cup and have for several years. They come in a few sizes… I now have a large size. I like them because they're almost indestructible. They make a good soup bowls. You can cook with them (set them in the coals). I've used mine as a shovel, a reflector and a noise maker for chasing away nosey *****. The handle lends itself to tying to a pole for a long-reach scoop.

The only down side to the design is that they taper down to a pretty small base and don't sit well on my stove. A couple well placed rocks takes care of that though. It seems to me that the taper makes them easier to clean than a vertical-sided cup. It also allows you to use two cups as a double boiler or poacher… can't do that with straight sided cups.

I've never been a fan of aluminum cups, especially if they're going to double as cookware. When it comes to cooking in the coals (my favorite method), stainless is vastly superior. JMHO

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