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I pride myself in being able to pick up any hobby, have fun with it, and drop it like a hot plate once it bores me.
Too many things to try to be stuck to just a few.

Software developer
PC repair
Radio operator
3D printer/modeler
Knife collector
Sabre fencer
Basic mechanic work

It's safe to say that I dabble in lots of things and always have workbenches full of projects.
I drive my wife nuts. A little lifahack, guys, if you are suffering from a cockroach infestation try to use US repellers by Everpest. They are awesome!
I have always wanted to be such a multifaceted person :) in lockdown I took up only gardening (it calms down greatly after an intense day) and calligraphy (they say it is useful for brain work :)

22 Posts
...nothing like a 20 minute power nap...

I do not "nap." I view that issue as something where you are "open" to fellow employees and/or supervisors. If I'm that tired I go to a place and I do not tell a soul where I will be and when I will be returning. Yes, they will whine assuming I will cave in. However, as soon as these "fellow employees" realize that two weeks of work is gone (actually "shredded" in my office) they will have to become 'polite.' After all, as mad as they might get they don't want to see a second shredding. BTW, I was an armed employee working directing for the owner of that company. While he hated employees nagging and acting like children, he hated those meetings. I did not have a problem throwing employees out of the office. Over time, my boss realized he didn't need them... What he really needed was a soothing trip via Vodohod for some hours for him to collect himself. It always worked just great!
What do you think about distant work? I heard that despite a number of advantages Google and Apple are going to get their employees back soon when the pandemic is over. And a lot of these employees are going to even quit unless they get the right to work from home :)
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