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What is wrong with my grand son.

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Here are the facts:
He is a twin of two years of four children. They are in Germany because son-in-law is in the Army.

At birth he was the second born but larger than his twin sister.

His problem is he has limited range of motion. His muscles seem very tight as if he was a body builder. Attempting to give him stretching physical therapy hurts him.

You can see in his face the frustration of not being able to do things his four year old brother and twin sister can do.

The doctors have just gotten to the point of aggressively searching for a diagnosis. My daughter seems OK with that. She is not one for over treating and twins often are a little behind the pitch in the early years. Mental development seems fine for both twins. Maybe the one of concern is a little ahead on problem solving like puzzles. My guess is that is due to his increased focus because of his movement issues.

Please don't pull ant punches with me.

The net is frustrating because my searches just turn up political BS about every subject.

Thanks for any help.
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Palm I am sorry for you children strike a soft spot in me I couldn't imagine the pain if something happened to my own blood.
Palm I dont have enough facts even to begin to make any kind of guess you need alot of info to even start narrowing things down as there a myriad of disorders. Once again I am not a provider as an 18D I am responsible for treatment only outside the United States and have very limited experience with childhood disorders but I will attempt to give you some sound advice as well as hopefully a wake up call about medicine in general.
First don't believe the doctor he doesn't really know best only your family does and or can you MUST take the time and effort to educate yourself so you can make an INFORMED decision otherwise you will end up doing what the doctor wants because he will only give you his views or beliefs. They will not take alot of things you say into consideration one of the number one things a Doctor's learn is that patients and family lie and they would have to have some kind of relationship or view you as different to even start to take you at your word.
Second don't trust military doctors or socialized medicine even less these guys are not as responsible or as capable you may find a gem but they are few and far between and good Pediatricians arnt exactly drawn to the military Push for a specialized pediatric doctor to make the call. I ve worked with military doctors and civilian ones and the civilian ones are 1000 times better in the fields your concerned about.
Third picking up some medical texts will teach you more about the decision making processes involved in medicine to help you narrow your focus I recommend you look for pediatric disorders that are diagnosed at his age +/- 2 years this should give you a workable list (a couple hundred I would bet) I would emphasize disorders concerning musculoskeletal or nervous systems.
Fourth I dont wanna say be prepared but twins have a higher chance of acquiring a genetic disorder also I dont know what type of twin he is but there are several kinds and I don't know much about it other than that and that each kind has its own dangers it might be worth looking into this is why you need a pediatric expert.
Fifth I will contact a doctor I used to work for he is a pediatric specialist and I will see what he recommends if hes willing to help hes a good person but the legalities of things may just be the greatest evil in medicine as we know it.

I am still sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope that whatever is affecting your grandson is insignificant and easily resolved.
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