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What is wrong with my grand son.

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Here are the facts:
He is a twin of two years of four children. They are in Germany because son-in-law is in the Army.

At birth he was the second born but larger than his twin sister.

His problem is he has limited range of motion. His muscles seem very tight as if he was a body builder. Attempting to give him stretching physical therapy hurts him.

You can see in his face the frustration of not being able to do things his four year old brother and twin sister can do.

The doctors have just gotten to the point of aggressively searching for a diagnosis. My daughter seems OK with that. She is not one for over treating and twins often are a little behind the pitch in the early years. Mental development seems fine for both twins. Maybe the one of concern is a little ahead on problem solving like puzzles. My guess is that is due to his increased focus because of his movement issues.

Please don't pull ant punches with me.

The net is frustrating because my searches just turn up political BS about every subject.

Thanks for any help.
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Corey was the the larger twin at birth. The fact that both were healthy at birth but on the small side was cause for no alarm because I am only 5'6".

However over the first two years his sister passed him in growth. It wasn't until after they began to walk and their two year checkup that it became clear something is wrong.

He saw a specialist today and they did all the blood work and all you suggested.

There has been no illness type symptoms. No rashes, redness, fever, however even in pictures I can see his discomfort while others enjoy an activity.

It is difficult to get my daughter to write or talk about it but she is on top of it. She has always been a good mother. Maybe a little over protective.

It seem the muscles or tendons are not growing or are contracting. Like I said his growth is slow. My daughter says his muscles feel tight never relaxed.

We were in Germany for their first birthday and there was no sign of anything wrong. Corey was still the bigger of the two twins. Both were very active. So I must say the onset was around 18 months.

I just pray it is something that can be treated and does not get progressively worse.
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