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It all depends on the person. That is why it is a personalized consulting service..It just depends on what each person is prepping for and what they want out of the service you offer. If you don't mind me askin, what is your experience? The only reason I am asking is you have a website offering a service but you are here asking for tips. I have seen tons of people that have watched a few shows on tv,buy some guns and start a garden and then are prepping experts..I'm not trying to be a jerk, just curious as to your background..
Honestly, I am just student of the prepping just like you.
I bought my fair share of books and even took means to securing my preparations. I STILL AM!

However, by no means, am I an expert.
However, I have meant many experienced preppers in my life.
Most recently, I am friends with an agricultural expert. I know he's an expert because he practices this on a daily basis.

My expertise for now, relies on silver (Yes, I know you can't eat it.) and how you can afford it and profit from it despite the spot price increases and decreases.
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