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I have only been teaching "survival" and preparations to do so since the mid seventies. I do not feel qualified to be a "consultant" just because I have presented some classes, had some training, taken classes in first aid, and been a "prepper" for the last 40 or so years. My first advice though, would be to get out of any population dense area - as a "consultant" I should have maps of such areas and the various routes to get there and out. Then I would discuss the different shelters that can be useful and what a permanent BOL should consist of. Water, how to get it, treat it, and store it would be next. Foods that the person normally eats and how to raise it, slaughter and butcher it and how to store it for long periods of time. How to set up a personalized first aid kit, where to take classes, how to talk with your doctor about personally needed medications, and how to get emergency medical supplies and store them. How to make the different kinds of fires - cooking, warmth, or baking fires that can be made from what you have around you. How to care for a wood stove or propane equipment. What weapons can they use proficiently and where to get training to be able to use different kinds of weapons. How to build and use primitive weapons. Then I would concentrate on the skills they had and the tools they need to have to use and maintain those skills. Skills with wood, metal, cloth, electronics, leather or whatever they can do that might be of value to others.

After that discussion I would set up a plan to get what they decided was needed - regardless of whether I thought it was right or not - setting up priorities and the financial plan to get it done as quickly as they wanted. I would be "available" to assist as their circumstances change or their needs expand or contract.

If you are going to make a business out of helping people you better be sure that you provide value for the money they spend. Copying and pasting stuff from the internet is not going to make it work. You need to know a great deal and be able to present it in a way that will be acceptable and understandable to your customers. I personally fail in a couple of those points - I don't have patience to deal with stupid folks and I sometimes have difficulty getting my point across. In a classroom full of people I do pretty well - I can usually get across that I sincerely care about their needs but I have difficulty when people only want to go halfway or do less than I know it will take to make it all work.
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