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What Happens After The Dollar Collapses and The Choas Gets Old?

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We're always told that the economy is going to fall.

Oh no! The economy is going down in flames. In fact, I couldn't count how many times I have heard about the world economy collapsing. However, what happens afterwards. We're never told that at all.

Well, I am currently doing my research on what the economy will look like after the dollar collapse (and I still am). One question I am concerned with would you want your own questions about the economy (supported with facts, evidence, and reason) answered. If so, how much is worth to you?
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Only time will tell.

I think the problem with world society this day is we live and depend on credit. Banks and credit card companys lend money to people and charge ridiculous amount of intrest to the point where people cannot afford to live. The card companies keep increasing limits to the point where people cannot not afford to pay the bills.
Whoes fault is it? I say part our fault for allowing banks and card companies to increase limits. More important it's the governments fault for not putting a cap on limits.

Don't think the governments don't play a part in this, Think again!

The world runs on credit.

My advise for everyone here is if you can get yourself out of debt and take back your hard earned money. :wink:
Very simple, though I see your point. Let me try and explain why I feel the same way.

The U.S. is the nation that has been raised to be the leader of the West. The USD was made into the world's reserve currency and the U.S. military has been used to shape the global order. Never in the world's history has there been a time when one nation held so much power and sway over the world. That power is slipping and that currency is being shaped for one huge collapse. You can imagine the global disorder that will ensue when all the scrambling on the part of the Federal Reserve fails to stop the unstoppable.

Now, let's look at the world from the viewpoint of Christianity.

The Gospel has gone around the entire world. There is no new place for it to go, no new country to be the keeper of the flame.
The world is going more and more evil. Governments are becoming more totalitarian, people are becoming more enslaved.
The fastest growing religion is the religion that seems to be the most anti-Christian (Islam).
The people of the West are more secular, more anti-God and more materialistic and carnal than they have been since the introduction of Christianity.

There are more reasons to think that we are mere breaths away from the introduction of the one world currency, the mark of the beast, the one world government and the guillotines than there are to believe we have another generation and another chance at another currency.
You hit it right on the nail. We are headed towards a one world government. Look at the ero dollar. This one world government might just happen in our lifetime.
Only God knows the date time and hour to the endtimes.
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