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What Happens After The Dollar Collapses and The Choas Gets Old?

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We're always told that the economy is going to fall.

Oh no! The economy is going down in flames. In fact, I couldn't count how many times I have heard about the world economy collapsing. However, what happens afterwards. We're never told that at all.

Well, I am currently doing my research on what the economy will look like after the dollar collapse (and I still am). One question I am concerned with would you want your own questions about the economy (supported with facts, evidence, and reason) answered. If so, how much is worth to you?
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Look at a variety of cases,

1) Argentina 1999-2001. I believe in this case the middle class got wiped out pretty hard. The rich stayed rich, the government expanded its power, and the poor work their back sides off to eat and have shelter. One could argue their quality of life was much lower than our own so they weathered it better than we might.

2) England 1970ish I don't know the year the "Pound" was displaced at the world's reserve currency. I'm sure our friends in England thought the world might end, but it didn't.

3) Germany 1935-40 I will never forget the introduction to a book on economic collapse that described the "butcher" who worked near Berlin. He owned his own shop, and worked it hard for 20 years. When he was married and had a baby during the 2nd year they agreed to save a few pennies (our term) each day for their son's college so he could go further. They saved dilligently every day for 18 years for the boy. On his 18th birthday they withdrew the savings and took him out to diner with it the night before his enlistment in the military. That's all 18 years of savings was worth. Only relevance is - Germany today - 75-80 years later. Do you think China or Russia are going to help rebuild America like America rebuilt Germany and Japan? Doubtful.
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There hasn't been a real pandemic of sorts for nearly a 100 years has there? I think this is why the government funded the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization to help mankind in this realm. Who knows if there is an outbreak if they can warn enough people fast enough or not. With economic collapse I doubt it will be fast - it could - say with a terrorist event or something but in most cases an economic collapse would take weeks, months even a year to play out before we'd be talking "post" collapse and they'd call that a "recovery" I'm sure. With a pandemic and a serious loss of population - that would be something our markets have not struggled through and I think it would be severe in a big way. What do you do if the world suddenly needs 1/3rd of the resources it needed a year ago - oh my.

An economic collapse is one of several possibilities. It's not the SHTF possibility that I watch the closest. Yet it is a possibility, A collapse of the dollar would simply mean it's replaced as the standard of global exchange and becomes a local currency. Which may not be all that bad...depends.

On the other hand mother nature is always tinkering with our demise and one of these times she's going to throw a bug at us we can't cure or contain and we'll be hit with a pandemic. Which will likely cause an economic collapse...I have difficulty seeing economic collapse as being a precursor rather I see it as an after effect or secondary effect. Something else happens and along with that something else the economy collapses.
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