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What choice to make when buying a bag for a Bug out bag ?

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Bug out bags are a amount of suplies that you take with you where every you go to get you back to your main supply or back home. First thing that comes to mind when thinking about a bug out bag or BOB is the bag, so what bag should you buy, i live out in the middle of no where so i might buy a Bag that is camo and very large maybe even military surplus. If you live in a urban setting you will want to buy a bag that is large enough to hold everything you need with out looking militant ( more people live in a urban setting and if they see someone decked out in military gear depending on the situation may want to kill you ) just remember when packing in both situations ounces equal pound and pounds equal pain!

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I spent a month looking around at all the different options and what I was really going to use it for. For me personally if it gets to the point where I have to leave my home the chances are pretty slim that i will be coming back. I guess they would refer to what I was after is a I.N.C.H. bag, anyways, the below is what I got and working on filling it up. Very happy with the construction and amount of storage. I am a pretty big guy so I needed something that would fit my stature.....

USMC MARPAT ILBE Arctyrex Main Pack | eBay
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