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Kind of a trick question, as hobbies can be part of survival situations.

avid Sit-on-top Angler Kayaker. Lobster & crab trapping from kayak, fishing on kayak, sailing on kayak, and snorkeling from kayak.

Freelance professional Wilderness Survival writer, but I also enjoy writing articles on other topics.

High end gourmet cooking of numerous Ethnic backgrounds.

Experiencing fine wine & cuisine.

Museums, concerts, operas, classical philharmonics, musicals.

Metal shop

Horticulture: gardening & hydroponics, splicing, transplanting

Martial arts, Kendo, Fencing, Butterfly knife techniques

Camping, hiking, sailing, scuba diving (not extreme depths)

Audio Keyboard playing, videography, Play Theatre set designing, sound engineer & Lighting technician.

Building or repairing computers, electronics, appliances

Animal rescuing & rehabilitation.

Oh and let's not forget wooing a lady.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts