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What are your hobbies that have nothing to do with prepping? And no I'm not getting into the debate of whether or not prepping is a hobby.

I do mechanic work, I love it,
Small engines, large gassers, small gassers, diesel big and small, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Atkinson cycle, transmissions, differentials, all of it. I even find satisfaction in my job as an industrial maintenance tech, currently going to school for heavy equipment repair as well.
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Motorcycle riding, since 1969. Down to 4 bikes at this time. Anything firearm related, reloading and shooting etc. Love ripping around in the Dodge Chargers, Hemi of course. Fish in my spare time.

Like the OP I fix and rebuild trucks, cars, boats, bikes, houses, landscaping or whatever. This includes complete body swaps and paint, everything bumper to bumper.

My favorite thing to spend my time on is making things with metal. Would rather come up with my own design for what I need. Rather spend my cash on China crap.


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The study of military history, mostly World War Two.

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Personally I like building, but in the respect of more or less rougher kind of stuff, not a fine woodworking kind of guy, I don't have the patience for doing all of that jazz, concrete and steel included. Another hobby is mechanical stuff, have some equipment around the farm and it sort of brings a sense of solitude while working on my stuff even if I have to struggle. Finally I enjoy guns, both as a collector and a utilitarian, ammo is included. Few things offer as much pleasure to me as one of those cool nostalgic guns or even something modern that was well thought out and purposely built.

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I enjoy a balanced set of hobbies:
Social activities like weekly trivia at the pub and playing cards (Poker, Euchre, Spades, Hearts, Rook)
Stubborn DIYer- enjoy learning something new about building, electrical, automotive
FAMILY! Really enjoy entertaining the grandkids. Been getting them into fishing and teaching them some basic knots

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Kind of a trick question, as hobbies can be part of survival situations.

avid Sit-on-top Angler Kayaker. Lobster & crab trapping from kayak, fishing on kayak, sailing on kayak, and snorkeling from kayak.

Freelance professional Wilderness Survival writer, but I also enjoy writing articles on other topics.

High end gourmet cooking of numerous Ethnic backgrounds.

Experiencing fine wine & cuisine.

Museums, concerts, operas, classical philharmonics, musicals.

Metal shop

Horticulture: gardening & hydroponics, splicing, transplanting

Martial arts, Kendo, Fencing, Butterfly knife techniques

Camping, hiking, sailing, scuba diving (not extreme depths)

Audio Keyboard playing, videography, Play Theatre set designing, sound engineer & Lighting technician.

Building or repairing computers, electronics, appliances

Animal rescuing & rehabilitation.

Oh and let's not forget wooing a lady.
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