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"I will not risk being caught with my pantries down!"

LMAO Now THAT is funny stuff :p

Garage sales are the #1 cheapest place to get gear, tools, books, camping grear, etc. My big score last weekend was one of these AND a half-full propane tank for $10:

Mr. Heater® MH15T Single Tank Top Propane Heater | Bass Pro Shops

Dollar stores have some good basic food supplies. I love the $1 jars of spices and other staples like bleach.

I also make sure I know where the clearance tables/shelves are in all of the regular stores I shop at. Today I found large cans of brand name chowders and soups for .50 cents each. After my coupons they were free and the expiration dates are all in Dec. 2013.

Chinese/Asian grocers can also be a great place to score large amounts of food for a small amount of money. A great place to get huge bags of white rice, seasonings, noodles, and cheap produce/veggies. It's not the most 'organic' food on the planet, but it's food.
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