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I know this question has probably been asked a 1000 times,but i'm new here,so entertain me,lol.

Why am I prepping?

Do I think the world is coming to an end? Nooo,of coarse not,if I did think that,I wouldn't waste my time or money into prepping.However...,I do think the world is about to change and not for the better (at least for us).My biggest fears out of the millions of senerios out there is simple economic collapse which will bring civil unrest and food shortages,which at this point I feel is already in motion and the gun rights laws are just fueling the agenda or the icing on the cake you might say.

Whats your overall plan?

Luckily,I live in the country,which already has me in a better location than many.I do not plan on bugging out,with a wife and young 2 kids (one being my 3yr old son who is autistic),bugging out is just not a feasible option.Most all family and friends are local and I don't have property anywhere else,I truly don't know where i'd go if I had to.My biggest plan is to hunker down and try to draw as little attention as possible.I know many may disagree with me on bugging,but I can't see running as an option.I'm disabled and trying to restrain or keep a 3yr old quiet if need be could be our fatal mistake.

I'm also lucky to have a couple like minded neighbors which both have a plethora of useful skills including myself.I was an hvac technician for over 20yrs and am highly mechanical,one neighbor is in construction,great with fabrication and woodworking,my other neighbor has two green thumbs and raises small replenishing animals.So while we may not have a small army,we do think we're better off where we are at for when the wave of unrest is sweeping the country and plan on just lying low and defending our own while people are killing each other at wallyworld over the last bit of food or jug of water on the shelves.I am glad to say we are well stocked with redundant plans and a endless freshwater supply from storage,rain collection,a clean stream that runs though our properties plus a nearby awesome spring.

I've also taken the role of getting my 12yr old son and neighbors into primitive weapons,we love our guns,but again,redundancy.And must say my 12yr old has become quite the archer,we are getting ready to give him the name "Deadeye".I use a crossbow due to my neck/shoulder injury,my boy and friends use compounds,and thanks to my son as of two days ago,all 4 of us has now "robin hooded" arrows at 40 yards,lol.Not too bad for four guys thats been into archery for less than a year.
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