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What are you doing?

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okay so the title is pretty self explanatory but cause i kind of just want to see where people are going with their preps (cause I'm a curious dude, man) ill get specific, what have you done/acquired or are doing/inquiring for your preps whether it be a tool or in my case I'm putting money away for a welding unit (wire fed sexiness lol) and possibly a 3D printer cause, and i also plane on learning a bit more about proper shooting methods like stances and how to lead a target better my worst attribute so far

so tell me: what have you done/acquired or are doing/acquiring for your preps?
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I get no joy from shooting anymore because every time I shoot it is ammo I may not be able to replace. I'm not issued ammo anymore at work because they claim budget constraints. These are times I have never seen and can't believe is happening in my country. Obama even said he would have taken all firearms away but the constraints of the Constitution hinder him. It took a while for me to wrap my brain housing group around this snob job but I do believe its coming.
Reality hit me square in the face about a month ago when I was at the store and decided on an impulse to pick up a couple bricks of .22LR and there weren't any. At least around here you used to be able to buy .22 at the hardware store. It was not even really considered "ammunition". It was like buying a pack of gum. (Fortunately I do have a fair bit on hand, but now I am afraid to go out shooting because how will I replace what I shoot?)
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