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What are you doing?

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okay so the title is pretty self explanatory but cause i kind of just want to see where people are going with their preps (cause I'm a curious dude, man) ill get specific, what have you done/acquired or are doing/inquiring for your preps whether it be a tool or in my case I'm putting money away for a welding unit (wire fed sexiness lol) and possibly a 3D printer cause, and i also plane on learning a bit more about proper shooting methods like stances and how to lead a target better my worst attribute so far

so tell me: what have you done/acquired or are doing/acquiring for your preps?
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I want to be the first on my block to have an ICBM. Then I can demand that the guy 2 houses away make his dog stop crapping on my lawn.
Joec, all I can say is congrats. I pray everything goes as you plan.
As in my case, something will happen, sooner or later, that will cause your wife to take pause and realize there are so many things that can happen. Even if the government is willing to take care of you, will they be able??
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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