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What are you doing?

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okay so the title is pretty self explanatory but cause i kind of just want to see where people are going with their preps (cause I'm a curious dude, man) ill get specific, what have you done/acquired or are doing/inquiring for your preps whether it be a tool or in my case I'm putting money away for a welding unit (wire fed sexiness lol) and possibly a 3D printer cause, and i also plane on learning a bit more about proper shooting methods like stances and how to lead a target better my worst attribute so far

so tell me: what have you done/acquired or are doing/acquiring for your preps?
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Security is well covered but review it often add to it from time to time.
Always looking a better ways to grow food even though that is second nature to us.
A new root cellar is on the list.
Looking at way to expand food options.
We long ago excepted that trying to run generators and the like would be a short term transition and not a long term option, We are planning even more planting of renewable trees for fuel. Progress but more work to do. Spring is here so soon work gets started on planting.
Then of course just dealing with everyday life as it is now taking some time to blow it all off and relax a bit.
I think my preps are good to go so I just keep everything rotated and up to date. I'm glad I already had the weapons I wanted and plenty of ammo stocked up before all this crap started. I know it never seems like there is never enough ammo but realistically I believe I got it covered. What I'm really working on is myself by getting back into shape and working on skills. I'm thinking of getting certified as a welder at my local college. I think it's a great skill to be able to do and maybe I will pursue it as a new career. Knowledge and skills is the op plan.
Sad part is my weapons were once nothing but a hobby a sport something I enjoyed doing . I picked up one here one there over a life time.
Until a few years ago I never really saw them as all that necessary, they just were not that big a deal.
Like others I am comforted now by what is in stock and out of reach.
Added another 1000 rounds of 7.62X39 today did not need it but why not.
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