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What are you doing?

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okay so the title is pretty self explanatory but cause i kind of just want to see where people are going with their preps (cause I'm a curious dude, man) ill get specific, what have you done/acquired or are doing/inquiring for your preps whether it be a tool or in my case I'm putting money away for a welding unit (wire fed sexiness lol) and possibly a 3D printer cause, and i also plane on learning a bit more about proper shooting methods like stances and how to lead a target better my worst attribute so far

so tell me: what have you done/acquired or are doing/acquiring for your preps?
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I just got 14 acres in NW Kentucky with a double wide trailer and no neighbors. My wife and I are about to retire and will be moving there around July 1st of this year. I will add some live stock, and plant some vegetable crops. We already have about 2 years of long term storage foods for 4 people already, reloading supplies for 2 years, guns for hunting and self defense as well as training from years of training through out my life. My next thing is alternate power sources like wind/solar as well as a water purification system as the land is on an underground aquifer with a good well.
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Joec, all I can say is congrats. I pray everything goes as you plan.
It will partner as soon as I close on my current business. We have be basically preppers since Hurricane Andrew when we first realized we needed to be prepared. I don't see any particular situation other than living would be necessary to do it at this point.
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